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“Every first draft is perfect, 

because all the first draft has to do is exist.

It is perfect in its existence.

Jane Smiley

Writing has always been at the heart of my work. Over the years my written communication skills have lifted me to senior roles in the public sector, delivering high level corporate affairs for government agencies. I have recently refocused my skills and activities to allow for more creative expression through writing children’s fiction. I have completed a picture book manuscript and I am currently writing young adult fiction (novel) that focuses on life and opportunity for young Australian women.

'The Girls Call Weeklies on Wednesdays,' follows the story of three young women walking the path to adulthood in the late 1990s. Their mothers and grandmothers fought for them to be the first generation of Australian women who are expected to go to university and have careers as successful as their brothers… but is that what these girls want?

I am seeking funding to allow some time and space to support me in pursuing my dream of becoming a professional writer xxx

Kristin Wareing Before I Was Your Mum