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I didn't have such trouble letting go #beforeiwasyourmum

I wrote a few months ago about our breastfeeding journey – the lows and highs, and the pride I’ve taken at successfully feeding my baby boy for a year, which was my aim. He is now heading for fourteen months and it is time.  It is time for me to get my body back to myself. Time to retire the sad looking maternity bras. Time to fix up some health issues that needed to wait until I finished feeding. It is time. Time to let Daddy take the reigns on some early mornings and also f

I thought I was prepared for breastfeeding #beforeiwasyourmum

As Remy's first birthday rockets closer I feel equal parts sad, happy and proud: sad that my little baby is no longer a squidgy newborn; joyful at the sheer happiness his little soul brings to our family; and proud of us both that we are going to reach my breastfeeding goal. It's a long post sorry - but I know it would have helped me in those long, lonely hours. #sorrynotsorry I have friends going through the newborn stage at the moment. Fed is best and nothing is more import