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Baby Boom - look to the past or a view of our future?

I was recently stuck at home with a sick baby, trying to make everything in my life work. I was doing some ironing and feeling guilty that I wasn’t at work. I skimmed through Netflix and was in an 'easy watching daggy 80's classic mood' and came across 1987’s Baby Boom. For anyone unfamiliar with the general premise Dianne Keaton plays J.C. Wiatt successful New York business woman who inherits a long distant relative’s baby and suddenly becomes a working mother. Now if you ca

Being a Stepmum is harder than being a's why.

I want to preface this post by saying, I absolutely love my Stepkids and I wouldn't have my family any other way. Now I am a Mum to my own little one, I get it. I understand better what it's like for my husband to be away from my Stepkids for a week at a time. It must be agony. I can better understand his amazing tolerance and love for them. I thought I did before, but now I understand better. I first met them when they were six and three and I always thought that (among othe

I studied architecture #beforeiwasyourmum

Now I make tiny houses for ridiculously good looking little people. #kmartcubbyhack #kmartcubby Inspired by @hudsonandharlow #pimpmycubbyhouse So I know it's taken me ages to write this down and Christmas is almost on its way all over again (not really #buteasteryo), but I thought that before I forget all of the steps and components I would capture in writing the details of Remy's first cubby house. I originally saw the Kmart cubby hack on fellow #perthian @hudsonandharlow's